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11 Mar 2010

u-blox makes latest Fujitsu ultra-mobile notebook “location-aware”

LifeBook UH900 mini-notebook is a powerful street navigator with Windows 7 and u-blox’ GPS

“The LifeBook UH900 is a powerful multi-touch mini-notebook, packed with cutting edge features such as integrated webcam, bluetooth, 62 GB solid-state hard-drive, 5.6" WXGA Crystal View multi touch screen display, and high-performance GPS navigation based on u blox’ industry leading GPS receiver sensitivity and compact size”, said Paul Moore, Senior Director of Mobile Product Management, Fujitsu America.

“The LifeBook UH900 running Windows 7 is a perfect example of the next generation of portable, high-performance, location-aware consumer products”, said Adrian Tan, General Manager of u-blox Asia. “Fujitsu’s latest ultra-mobile notebook capitalizes on u-blox’ seamless compatibility with the Windows 7 Sensor and Location platform.”

The LifeBook UH900 is now available in North America and Asia. Configurations may vary by region.