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03 Nov 2014

u-blox LISA-C210 CDMA450 module targets smart metering and smart grid applications

Compact 450 MHz cellular M2M module delivers superior coverage and building penetration

The u-blox LISA-C210 CDMA450 1xRTT M2M module

The u-blox LISA-C210 CDMA450 1xRTT M2M module achieves wide area coverage and excellent building penetration – perfect for smart meters

Thalwil, Switzerland – November 3, 2014 - Swiss-based u‑blox, a global leader in wireless and positioning modules and integrated circuits, announces the LISA-C210 CDMA450 1xRTT voice/data module. It is ideally suited to M2M applications, and in particular Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and smart power grid applications. Approval is in progress with selected mobile network operators in the Netherlands.

The 450 MHz band provides very efficient RF propagation, superior coverage and structure penetration allowing a wide area to be covered with a low number of base stations. CDMA450 technology is extremely interesting for the deployment of private communication networks requiring a high level of security, service quality and network control.


The module will be shown at European Utility Week in Amsterdam, Nov. 4-6 at u-blox booth 4.F30.


“With the LISA-C210 we are excited to be a leading provider for this very promising cellular technology which can deliver intelligent services to wide areas of population where cell density is low,” said Dave Carey, VP Product Strategy, Cellular, “CDMA450’s excellent propagation and building penetration characteristics combined with flexible cell size makes it an ideal solution for M2M applications in both urban and rural areas.”


The module features low power consumption and a rich set of internet protocols. It is pin/pad compatible with the u-blox LISA-U, LISA-C200, SARA-G, SARA-U and TOBY-L1/L2 module families, enabling straightforward development of products supporting either CDMA, LTE, UMTS/ HSPA, and GSM/GPRS wireless technology with the same application board. This allows customers to take maximum advantage of their hardware and software investments.


The module is housed in a 22.4 x 33.2 x 2.7 mm LCC package and provides a UART and USB interface. Other features include low power consumption, antenna supervisor, analog and digital voice, SMS, FOTA and u-blox’ unique CellLocate® technology supporting indoor positioning in combination with u-blox GNSS receivers. Operating temperature is -30 to +85 °C.


LISA-C210 will be certified according to R&TTED and CDMA certifications and qualified according to ISO 16750 – Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment for road vehicles.


Detailed information about LISA-C210 can be found on the u-blox website. For samples and evaluation kit EVK-C21-0xS contact the u-blox office nearest you.