14 Mar 2024

PointPerfect adds NTRIP service delivery

Now F9 high precision GNSS modules that need NTRIP service delivery can easily switch to PointPerfect and save money, all with superior coverage and reliable performance.

High-precision navigation applications typically employ solutions that integrate a multi-band GNSS receiver and real time kinematics technology, or RTK. Designers can select from a variety of GNSS correction services, each with challenges to consider, things like cost, quality, coverage, complexity, and support. When selecting an NTRIP correction service supplier, designers consider both the GPS hardware and the RTK setup itself.

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Choosing an NTRIP service

Selecting an NTRIP service often begins with a multi-band RTK GNSS receiver. The industry-leading u-blox F9 offers built-in support for a range of GNSS corrections, including standard RTCM corrections and SPARTN format SSR-type. F9 high-precision GNSS modules deliver proven performance, cover all major satellite constellations, and deliver centimeter-level accuracy in a robust, energy-efficient package, all with u-blox technology at its core.

Challenges to consider

Once you’ve started the journey with robust GPS hardware, the next logical step is looking at the RTK service setup and delivery. What are the subscription fees? Is there a network available where you need it? Are you getting the needed accuracy? Is integration so complex that you need a GNSS engineering degree and a huge support staff? Anyone familiar with the status quo NTRIP service available in the market today is also aware of the problems to solve.
Does it feel like you need a GNSS engineering degree to get a solution working? Tired of the high annual service fees of typical RTK suppliers? Sick of the headaches of switching NTRIP service providers and resetting data every time you change RTK network location? Is the coverage and performance of your RTK provider lackluster at best? Read on because u-blox has an exciting answer:

PointPerfect adds NTRIP delivery

PointPerfect GNSS correction service is now delivered via NTRIP protocol. Now F9 high precision GNSS module users that also require correction data via NTRIP can achieve centimeter-level accuracy with a precise positioning solution that is simple to use, cost effective, with superior coverage, and the reliable performance you have come to expect from u-blox. NTRIP delivery offers a new alternative for customers to easily connect to PointPerfect.

PointPerfect NTRIP service components

Why PointPerfect and NTRIP?

NTRIP is widely used in the market today with multi-band GNSS RTK receivers. By delivering PointPerfect via NTRIP, u-blox enables F9 customers with a built-in and simple way to get centimeter-level accuracy using the required NTRIP protocol. This newly available version provides NTRIP delivery in SPARTN data format and is ideal for u-blox positioning hardware customers. Coming soon will be a follow-on version targeting non u-blox hardware featuring NTRIP delivery in RTCM data format. To find out more about NTRIP-RTCM and PointPerfect, contact us.

Originally introduced using MQTT protocol and SPARTN data format, PointPerfect is also now available via NTRIP-SPARTN.  Non-native SPARTN users are supported by the PointPerfect SDK.


PointPerfect is natively supported by u-blox F9, making integration simple.End devices already using NTRIP protocol can easily switch to PointPerfect, get to market faster, lower operating cost, and realize mass market scale. Getting started is easier than ever.

Device provisioning with traditional RTK providers is one of the major pain points in the deployment of large fleets of devices. Having Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) capability allows provisioning the devices remotely in the field or whenever the end user takes them into use. ZTP with PointPerfect allows devices to download the credentials and configure themselves automatically once they connect to the service for the first time.

Concerned about privacy? Typical RTK-based correction services need to know the rover location to do their job. Information you may not want to share. Enjoy the benefits of privacy and security when using PointPerfect because the location of the rover does not need to be communicated to the service in order to use it.

Traditional network RTK suppliers typically charge for their service annually. Fees may vary in different countries or regions, but you can always rely on them to be expensive and burdensome for your business. For example, in precision agriculture, farmers pay expensive service fees for an entire year when they may only use it seasonally, during seeding and harvest.

With PointPerfect, you can choose from a range of flexible service plans. Say goodbye to those rigid annual subscription fees of ~$500-$1,000/year. Switch and save with a uniquely flexible and affordable way to only pay when you are using the service. Choose from a range of usage-based service plans starting at $5.90/month. Pay-as-you-go, subscription or hourly-based plans, by-device or pooled plans, all options designed to be a better value for your business.

Finding suitable RTK suppliers is not easy, and coverage is an important selection factor. Nothing could be more cumbersome than switching RTK suppliers, resetting data, and updating credentials when you move from one region to another. Eliminate those headaches and enjoy the simplicity of one supplier and one correction data stream over wide uniform coverage areas.

What does that mean exactly? PointPerfect provides uniform coverage on a continental scale. Take the contiguous USA and Canada as an example – it means a single uniform GNSS correction data stream for the entire continental region, from coast to coast, and 12 nautical miles offshore, at 99.9% uptime availability.


Benefits of F9 high precision GNSS module and u-blox PointPerfect GNSS correction service

benefit of ntrip point perfect service - easy, flexible, seamless
Easy to use. Get started right away
  • NEW – PointPerfect GNSS corrections are now delivered via NTRIP protocol
  • Ready to use because PointPerfect is natively supported by u-blox F9
  • Get started in seconds without the need for integration expertise
  • Zero touch provisioning makes it easy to configure devices at scale
benefit of ntrip point perfect service - cost effective


Flexible service plans can be a game changer for your business
  • Say goodbye to the high annual service fees of typical RTK suppliers
  • Say hello to pay-as-you-go, subscription or hourly-based plans, by-device or pooled plans
  • Options designed to be affordable and save you money
benefit of ntrip point perfect service - superior coverage
   Superior CoverageWide and uniform coverage on a continental scale
  • Enjoy the simplicity of one supplier and one data stream across vast geographies
  • Eliminate the headaches of switching suppliers and resetting data based on location
  • Reduce complexity with seamless coverage over entire continents, countries, and regions
benefit of ntrip point perfect service - reliable performance
   Reliable Performanceu-blox industry leading precise positioning solutions
  • Proven multi-band RTK GNSS receivers
  • Concurrent reception with all major satellite constellations
  • Small and power-efficient module
  • 3-6 cm accuracy and convergence in seconds
  • 99.9% uptime availability via both internet and L-band satellite

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*Offer applies to new Thingstream accounts only.

Thingstream is the u-blox IoT service delivery platform.

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