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MikroE (MikroElektronika) is company that produces entire development toolchains for all major microcontroller architectures. Through their commitment to excellent & reliable hardware & software products, their mission is to help fellow engineers get the job done quickly. 

Don't start from scratch

Customization allows you to design certain features of a single product while still keeping costs closer to that of mass-produced products. Choose a MikroE product and tweak it to fit your needs better.

Design service

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.

Start the race from the middle of the track and run even faster. MikroE knows embedded, and is uniquely positioned to be your reliable long-term partner for your embedded solutions, projects and products.

Contract manufacturing

Looking for a reliable partner to help?

You’ve done the hard work, MikroE can take it from here. From single units to tens of thousands, let MikroE provide you low-cost components, full warranty and quality assurance.

Premium technical support

You don’t have time to waste?

MikroE provides a premium, priority support and attention to problem-solving for its customers. Don’t waste your time, upgrade your technical service to fit your time schedule better.