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IBM Bluemix

The ecosystems around the IoT are complex and that complexity makes it more difficult for companies to get the true business benefits from IoT. To cut through this complexity, particularly in the Internet of Things that Really Matter, u‑blox has combined its robust cellular, short-range and positioning products and solutions with IBM’s deep data analytics and management capabilities in the IBM Bluemix cloud platform. The combination of IBM and u‑blox is ideal for key global players in the automotive, industrial and professional markets. Users can run advanced analytics, utilize machine learning and tap into additional Bluemix services. For example, data storage, predictive modeling and geospatial analytics can help users to better understand the data on their devices and also help to accelerate the IoT ecosystem.


Users of developerWorks Recipes can tap into IBM Bluemix, to implement step-by-step tutorials for embedding advanced analytics and machine learning into IoT devices and applications. developerWorks Recipes brings recipes, tools and prototypes that show customers the benefits, support ease of deployment, and most importantly provide information about how to best reduce risk. Examples include:

  • Understanding vehicle performance and driver bahaviour by analyzing data from its On-Board Diagnostic system. Repurposing this data for multiple applications including usage based insurance, road safety and road infrastructure planning
  • Linking real-time machine condition monitoring with IBM asset management to monitor everything from the health of household appliances to wheels on a railroad car.
  • Spotting trends and obtaining solutions to common problems through graphical representation of historical and real-time data from IoT devices.