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Master in Aerospace Systems, Navigation & Telecommunications (GNSS)

Srujita Karodi

To validate my MSc. Studies at ENAC, France, I carried out a six-month internship at u‑blox, Thalwil on the topic “Characterization of GNSS measurement errors under jamming conditions”. I was working with the tec-pos department under the guidance of Dr. Thomas Kaufmann. The increase in the threat of jamming devices affecting GNSS receivers has turned out to be a major concern. This work deals with understanding some aspects of the behavior of u‑blox ZED-F9P receiver under strong jamming scenarios. Detailed analysis on the offsets, biases and measurement deviations was performed.


Since the project work required deep knowledge about the receiver architecture and signal flow implementation, a deep literature review had to been performed. It took several weeks to characterize and build a permanent setup for conducting the jamming measurements. Due to automation of the jamming tests, conducting them on time was a big challenge as the jam site was busy with other projects as well. Discussing the difficulties faced at the receiver architecture with the right experts from different departments was an interesting hurdle and I received unconditional help from them.


In the end of the six months, a clear understanding of the receiver behavior was presented and it was noticed that the receiver is not able to deal well with the chirp jamming signals as compared to the other types of jamming signals. The novelty of this project was the conceptualization of the measurement setup which had a receiver with jamming signals clock synchronized with another identical receiver having only fed with GNSS signals. This enabled us to analyze the offsets and deviations of the measurements precisely. Overall, these six months has given me a great experience and exposure to the GNSS industry and I am grateful to each and every one who helped me in this journey.