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As the digital transformation takes hold across our key markets, changing the way we live, move, and work, it’s redefining our customers’ needs and businesses, and opening up an exceptional opportunity for us to create value.

revenue by market

At u‑blox, we focus on the market in 3 separate segments:


This is the largest market sector we serve, covering everything from fleet tracking, cargo monitoring, smart street lighting, and medical devices, through to the use of our timing solutions for 4G and 5G cellular systems. The Industrial Internet of Things is becoming reality as many applications that were stand-alone before now become connected to the cloud.

The key requirement for modern industry is to know what is happening, when it is happening and where it is happening. Customers also demand highly secure devices that perform reliably, even when exposed to electromagnetic noise and harsh environmental conditions. This is where u‑blox products really excel.


This expanding market brings exciting growth opportunities for u‑blox. The ever-increasing focus on autonomous vehicles means there is a rising need for both cm-level high-precision positioning and secure vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication. Our new UBX-P3 V2X short-range and F9 GNSS chips, which we launched during 2018, give us a high-quality offering that precisely meets these requirements.

In parallel with the push for greater vehicle autonomy, government clean air initiatives are accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). This particular market includes a lot of new automakers, who are looking to innovate fast and in-source key elements of the design process, including the on-board electronics. u‑blox is perfectly positioned to partner with these EV makers, providing the products, services, and engineering support to help them execute their rapid design cycles. It’s a market where we are already seeing significant traction.


The consumer space continues to be driven by the proliferation of smart technology, notably sport and fitness equipment, people and pet trackers, action cameras, and more futuristic kit, such as robotic lawnmowers and consumer drones.

Many consumer devices require communication and location-awareness solutions that strike a delicate balance between size, weight, performance, and battery life. Our focus on meeting these needs, including through our all-in-one systems-in-packages (SiPs) and various modules with low-power modes, helps our customers quickly create attractive and marketable products.