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LynQ selects the compact u‑blox M8 GNSS receiver for its pioneering tracking device

People across the globe are adopting advanced technology to track their fitness level, their own location, and that of others. LynQ has created a versatile personal tracking device that enables people to find one another without the need for phones, maps, network reception, or subscriptions. The compact handheld tracker uses a u‑blox CAM‑M8Q GNSS receiver to pinpoint each individual’s location. Low‑power, long‑range radio then enables paired devices to communicate with one another directly, pointing people towards their friends, family (especially children), or even pets. The CAM‑M8Q’s low power consumption helped LynQ achieve an impressive three‑day battery life for its trackers.

With the need to create a product that was both attractively priced and exceptionally reliable, even in harsh conditions, LynQ was impressed by the u‑blox module and the support we provided. Drew Lauter, Chief Operating Officer at LynQ, explains: “We’re extremely price sensitive, yet we need a highly dependable GNSS module. u‑blox worked closely with us to deliver that.”

John De Cristofaro, VP Engineering at LynQ, adds: “As an engineer for a start‑up where I’m the sole hardware designer, the smart design and easy integration of u‑blox’s M8 modules were very useful to me in achieving the level of miniaturization and performance our product requires. Having a partner like u‑blox, with their effective documentation and support, allows me and my firmware team to stay nimble and innovate on new IP, instead of wasting time struggling to write drivers from poorly‑written or confusing datasheets.”