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Customer story: IntSpo

IntSpo in Norway is leading the transition to 4G/5G

On a mission to make their customers more profitable, IntSpo in Norway is leading the transition to 4G/5G, while keeping customers’ physical assets safe and secure with SARA-N210, SARA-N410 and ZOE-M8

IntSpo delivers Tracking-as-a-Service and sensor IoT-solutions for the management of physical assets and are on a mission to make their customers more profitable with better oversight and control. With years of experience and research on IoT and mobile technologies, and in collaboration with the main mobile operators in Norway, IntSpo is helping its customer base make the 4G/5G mobile technology transition so they can benefit from the IoT innovation ahead.

“u‑blox is a trusted partner of many industrial partners worldwide, and they supported our collaboration with Huawei Technologies, which was paramount for our work together. We feel very comfortable mentioning both the good name and reputation of u‑blox together with our offerings. We currently integrate SARA-N210 and SARA-N410 and will expand this to newer u‑blox releases. Our customers also rely on the u‑blox module ZOE-M8.  Forward compatibility with new mobile technology is part of the design of our solutions to ensure that the customers’ investments have a long life”, explains Hans Erik Karsten, CEO IntSpo.

When IntSpo is invited to a meeting with new customers, the idea process starts immediately, and with their leading-edge expertise in various technologies, they are an ideal innovation partner. The IntSpo focus on customer profitability lays the foundation for how new solutions are created. Customers can also integrate their own system with the IntSpo API, further customizing the digitalization of their physical asset management program.

Hans Erik Karsten, CEO IntSpo states: “One of the strategic advantages of working with u‑blox is our close and solid collaboration. In u‑blox, we have found a great partner to help us innovate with good solutions. Our partnership ensures technical lead-times and helps us remain at the forefront. Both companies have made security a priority and have focused on delivering state-of-the-art security solutions to our customers. Together with u‑blox, we create a leading-edge, stable and trustworthy environment for our customers.”