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How we create value

Creating value the u‑blox way
We deliver leading wireless technology to reliably locate and connect billions of people and devices, creating value for all our stakeholders.

At u‑blox, our central mission is to add value for customers, employees, shareholders, and the environment. Our long-term and holistic approach to value creation centers on financial and non-financial aspects of our business.

To future-proof our growth strategy, we have aligned our activities with four core megatrends: Mobility, Industry 4.0, Urbanization, and New Health.

What we do to create value

We develop innovative, reliable positioning and wireless communication solutions that securely connect vehicles, industries, things, and millions of people around the world.

We leverage our expertise in radio and signal processing technology to meet global megatrend driven demand for cloud connectivity – enabling smarter cities, mobility, and health care.

We encourage employees to excel at innovation benefiting product development, operational excellence, and quality.

Drivers of value creation

Strong history

  • 20+ years experience in positioning and wireless
  • 6900+ customer base across diverse applications and markets
  • Strong market position, leading in GNSS and highly competitive in cellular and short range technology
  • Solid reputation earned through long-term relationships with global customers
  • Deep market and technology competence garnered through consistent expansion of capabilities

Clever investment

  • Continued strong investment into R&D underpinning our leadership position in the market
  • Strategic investments into new product domains fostering our growth
  • Financial strengths and capacity to invest and acquire technologies to enrich our portfolio
  • In-house semiconductor design and test development yielding an important part of value creation

Smart people

  • Broad international talent base of 1100+ employees
  • Strong R&D focus with engineers making up 68% of our staff
  • Founders based executive committee keeps the company on a solid course
  • Thought leadership in a diversity of verticals, markets, and geographical regions
  • Globally present sales and support organization, providing access to all key markets
  • Engagement in the community to better understand how to address societal needs

Unmatched Intellectual Property

  • Innovation spirit and pragmatic attitude delivering rich intellectual property in wireless communication technology.
  • Strong process thinking and agility ensuring robust industrialization.
  • Proactive stance towards IPR winning us fair terms for standard essential patents

Leading products

  • Future oriented product portfolio enabling digitalization across markets and sectors
  • Broad solution portfolio for creating connected devices in all types of industries
  • Highly reliable wireless connectivity chips and modules for the industrial Internet of Things
  • Unique product line-up including chipsets, modules, and services.

Long-term partnerships

  • Curated supply chain with redundancies for high supply reliability
  • Industry-leading manufacturers are our partners for highest quality chips and modules
  • Strong relationships with customers delivering deep insight into diverse applications
  • Industry ecosystem partners to build strong platforms that our customers can leverage

Impacts to our stakeholders


  • Delivering responsible, innovative, and appropriate technologies
  • Enabling customer competitiveness and growth
  • Highest quality through extensive quality testing, at the fab and in-house.
  • Reduced design-in complexity thanks to robust software interfaces, full suite of evaluation boards, development tools, and support
  • Long term commitment including long product life-cycles and transparent product change notifications


  • Powering the economy through over 1000+ highly specialized staff members with highly payed jobs and important tax income to their communities
  • Career growth of employee base in well established sites world-wide,
  • Employee engagement in community projects
  • Community investments including product donations, funding, and volunteering
  • Ethical and environmentally friendly sourcing and manufacturing
  • Driving the “smart society” by providing essential technologies
  • Providing millions access to new and smarter digital devices and services


  • Fostering ecosystem growth and interoperability
  • Corporate venturing to promote promising technologies
  • Pushing the envelope on the development of mass-market compatible communication technology solutions


  • Financial stability underpins our position as a preferred employer and dependable supplier
  • Financial growth with a market capitalization attaining CHF 600 million, strong tax contribution, increased employment potential for highly qualified jobs