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A diverse culture where people can accelerate

Our people are key to our success. This is why we place so much emphasis on attracting and retaining the very best. We reward success and foster a diverse, inclusive culture that enables individuals to thrive.

To sustain our success, it’s imperative we look after our people, and we do this in a number of ways.

Equal opportunities
First and foremost, we’re a fair, non-discriminatory employer, committed to providing equal opportunities to all our employees.

A place to grow
We encourage everyone at u‑blox to push themselves to reach their full potential. We give our engineers time to work on their own innovations, and seek to promote from within wherever possible.

We set our people challenging but realistic targets, and provide the support they need to meet and exceed these. This includes appropriate training, enabling them to continually improve themselves in their field of expertise.

Competitive pay and a stake in our success
We like to reward great performance, and for our people to feel part of our success. Our benchmarked salaries are highly competitive, and are complemented by a bonus scheme linked to individual and company performance. We also operate an employee stock option scheme.

Promoting well-being
While we like to provide our employees with the best-possible working environment, we don’t want them spending their whole lives at work. Striking the right balance is important for people’s well-being and motivation, and we offer flexible working hours to fit our employees’ lifestyles. Those who have been with us for five years or more can also choose to take a sabbatical, to further their interests outside the workplace.


Our people

Cairong Chen

“在 u‑blox 工作令人兴奋且薪资可观。这里有非常能干、乐于助人和有趣的同事;您可以在这里了解融入我们日常生活的无线技术背后的功臣;在这里,您会对我们的技术和产品能够产生的影响充满热情。真正令人惊叹的是,u‑blox 将质量纳入了我们的公司文化。从设计、测试和制造到销售和服务,这是一种体现在流程每一步的心态。这大大减轻了我,一名质量工程师的压力,因为我们的质量组织始终致力于持续改进,甚至提高客户满意度。我还喜欢 u‑blox 开诚布公地沟通和相互信赖的氛围,这确实实现了不同站点和职能组织之间的无缝合作。出色的团队合作、结构良好的工作流程、积极的工作环境、明确的目标、可实现的目标和快乐的员工,这些 u‑blox 都有。”
Picture of Yassine Fkih

Yassine Fkih

数字 IC 开发助理工程师
“在 u‑blox 工作令我感到非常满足:在技术层面上,我与集成电路设计领域的优秀同事共事;在社交层面上,工作环境特别好,人际关系也很友好。”

Urs Frischknecht

“在 u‑blox 工作是一次特别有趣的经历,因为公司正在迅速成长,并不断努力改进自己。我可以自由地作出完成工作所需的决定。我接触过的相关领域之外的同事一般都很配合我的工作。我通常可以自己决定完成工作的最佳方式。”