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The diversity of our customer base is one of our greatest strengths. We work with more than 6100 large and small businesses across a broad range of market sectors, covering the Americas, EMEA and APAC. Moreover, none of our customer accounts for more than 6% of our revenue, and our 84 biggest customers, which account for 80% of our revenue, are based in 24 countries, spanning all regions of the world. This diversity makes our business exceptionally low-risk and provides the platform on which we are growing.

An extremely diverse customer base

Our customers – particularly in the automotive and industrial markets – are building products they plan to sell for many years. They need confidence that their critical component suppliers will be around long into the future.

Our large and diverse portfolio of customers provides the necessary assurance. We work with organizations of all sizes, from early startups to some of the world’s largest corporations – and everything in between. These businesses collectively have a footprint that covers the whole planet and some of the biggest growth sectors. Importantly, our revenue is healthily spread across these customers, geographies and markets, which makes our business extremely resilient and low-risk.


Startups and SMEs

Our startup customers look for suppliers that offer compelling features and ease-of-integration, thereby helping them get their products to market quickly, while achieving a strong value proposition. As success kicks in and they grow their businesses, they then additionally need their suppliers to be able to deliver at scale.

Startups and SMEs are an important long-term focus for u‑blox, because among them will be some of our major customers and market leaders in the future. By engaging with these businesses early and helping them take those first steps, we aim to become the trusted partner they take with them as they grow.

Graphic with number of u‑blox customers

Major corporations

Large organizations are equally key to our success. These businesses are looking for suppliers with a comprehensive range of products and services. They also demand scalable and extremely reliable supply chains, to ensure their high volume production lines can run smoothly, with components delivered on time, every time. Moreover, our strong financial foundation makes us an unquestionable long-term partner.


Making sure our customers are happy

The key to success in any business is customer satisfaction: happy customers come back for more. So as well as continually bringing on board new clients, we consistently achieve high levels of repeat business. We have a significant number of customers who have been with us for more than a decade.

Even though we are doing well in this regard, we are always striving to do better. Firstly, we must continue to offer the right mix of products. Second, the quality and features of these products must be first-rate. Third, we must ensure we are delivering orders on time, every time. Our significant investment into the way we design, manufacture and distribute our products contributes to all these things. We are also making sure we adhere to relevant industry quality standards, both for our products and the processes that produce them. Full-lifecycle customer support is equally important. Our extensive global teams of pre-sales and support engineers are on-hand to help customers large and small. This includes guiding their product choice during pre-sales, supporting the integration of our chips and modules into their designs, and providing support throughout the life of our products.

Our expanding services portfolio will also play its part in improving customer satisfaction. u‑blox services work seamlessly with our products, are easy to implement and improve the customer experience with our products. By having these offerings, we are providing even greater functionality from our products, which in turn makes it even more compelling for customers to choose and stick with u‑blox as their partner of choice.

As ever, we are conscious that certain customer requirements will lie outside our area of expertise. For example, we do not attempt to be a systems integrator, and instead point customers to carefully selected partners if they need this type of capability. This approach enables us to focus 100% on our biggest strength: to provide a market-leading range of wireless communication and GNSS core technology, on which our customers can build the products and services their end markets want.