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Digital Matter:电池充电,IP67跟踪设备

MODMO ebike

u‑blox SARA 平台如今也成为首选的蜂窝调制解调器,这是因为单个占地空间可提供2G、3G、LTE CAT M1和NB-IoT,从而可实现宝贵的灵活性。

Digital Matter的 Yabby是一款紧凑的、电池供电的IP67跟踪设备。它是小型资产安装或隐蔽位置安装的理想选择,并适合用于跟踪牲畜、托盘、小桶、工具、人员、包装、容器、集装箱等。

  • 可在全球范围内基于u‑blox SARA-R410M的LTE CAT M1和NB-IoT网络上运行
  • 高性能GNSS通过u‑blox EVA-M8Q提供精确定位
  • 延长电池寿命,长达3年
  • 3D加速计
  • 外形小巧,IP67防护等级

Modmo- making the Saigon

The tech behind the two-wheeled electric transport revolution

Modmo Saigon is not just an electric e-bike, it’s highly connected with wireless communication options spanning from Cellular/Bluetooth to GNSS location information. Saigon features u‑blox GPS technology with dedicated 4G data connection for location tracking and security. There are motion sensors that operate like a power switch; when you move the bike, it turns on, and when you park it, and it remains still, it turns off. Tap 'lock' and the Modmo software will set up a five-meter digital perimeter around the e-bike. If the e-bike moves outside the perimeter, it will send you a notification, and you can track the e-bike’s GPS location in-app. The possibilities of integrating services via the Modmo App are many - such as locking and unlocking, battery status, and bike position, to name a few. Thanks to the LARA-R211 cellular module connectivity, real-time location can be uploaded to a cloud server and retrieved from a mobile phone. The NINA-B111 adds low power Bluetooth connectivity from the e-bike to mobile phones to enable the locking and unlocking feature.


Made to move with zero-emissions

Zero-emission transport systems fit perfectly into u‑blox’s vision to support a sustainable, connected future. Modmo’s concept of combining wireless technologies with GPS location possibilities lays the foundation for the e-bike to seamlessly connect to future traffic safety systems. And the future is moving fast, in March 2020, Modmo launched Saigon and has accrued over €1,500,000 in pre-orders to date. In addition, the team grew from 2 to 20 people in 3 months during the COVID-19 lockdown. The Modmo team are well on their way to creating an e-bike that is ready to replace your car while shaping the future of how we humans move around our world.