Autonomous mobile robots

Enable reliable operation of autonomous mobile outdoor robots with integrity-focused solutions that integrate out-of-the-box sensor fusion.

Autonomous mobile robots automate tedious, repetitive tasks such as last-mile delivery, urban cleaning services, infrastructure and inspection, as well as in hospitality and retail.  

Autonomous mobile delivery robots, for instance, contribute to a frictionless consumer experience, speeding up service for customers, while at the same time addressing common concerns associated with traditional delivery methods:

  • Package theft
  • Personnel safety
  • Cost of delivery
  • Environmental sustainability

In general, autonomous mobile robots provide visibility into the operational status, allowing operators to track progress, assess quality in real-time, manage their device fleets, and key a close eye on supply chains.

Benefits of u-blox solutions in autonomous mobile robots.

u-blox technology enables the development of high-performance, globally available autonomous mobile robots.


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Use cases for autonomous mobile robots

Autonomous delivery

Autonomous mobile robots provide autonomous package delivery, food delivery, and smart courier services, saving time and costs while increasing efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Cleaning and inspection

Autonomous mobile robots offer a cost-effective solution for cleaning and inspection tasks, including street sweeping and vacuum cleaning, tank servicing, infrastructure monitoring, preventive maintenance, and surveying.

Public safety

Autonomous security and patrol robots promote public safety while protecting workers by always keeping eyes on the streets.

Hospitality and retail

In the hospitality and retail sectors, autonomous mobile robots help disseminate important information, enable telepresence-based applications such as remote tour guides and salespeople, and serve as mobile advertisement platforms.

Highlighted offering for heavy machine control

u-blox service offering for autonomous mobile robots

u-blox support tools for autonomous mobile robots

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Our experts are here to answer your questions about u-blox offerings for precision agriculture.

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