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Product resources

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u-blox cellular module overview 17 2月 2016
996 KB
Cellular Modules Line Card 24 6月 2016
144 KB


LISA-U2 Product Summary 09 3月 2016
284 KB


LISA-U2x Data Sheet 19 5月 2016
1.85 MB


LISA-U2 System Integration Manual 19 5月 2016
4.19 MB

AT Command Manual

u-blox AT Commands ManualNew 26 9月 2016
7.76 MB


Open Source Software Licenses
755 KB
Android Embedded RIL - Production Delivery 03 5月 2016
1.11 MB
eCall / ERA GLONASS implementation in u-blox cellular modules
889 KB
GNSS Implementation in Cellular Modules
862 KB
LISA-U Audio
526 KB
Multiplexer implementation in cellular modules 09 3月 2016
405 KB
LISA-U SPI Interface
487 KB
Test server configuration for socket operations
268 KB
Nested Design for TOBY / LISA / SARA modules
1.48 MB
Firmware Update, EasyFlash, FOAT and FOTA 04 4月 2016
1.76 MB
Windows Embedded RIL, Production Delivery
1.11 MB
TOBY/LISA/SARA/LARA Nested Design ANNew 26 9月 2016
2.65 MB
AT Command Examples for u-blox cellular modulesNew 26 9月 2016
3.24 MB


Hybrid positioning and CellLocate®
1.44 MB
Combining the best of UMTS with GPS
1.95 MB
The advantages of global 3G coverage for M2M applications
1.23 MB
The rise and challenges of M2M applications
358 KB
u-blox's solution for European eCall
526 KB


Windows Embedded USB-Drivers Installation
1.06 MB


LISA-U200, LISA-U260, LISA-U270 Initial Production
111 KB
LISA-U2xx-03S & SARA-U2xx-03S IP Information Note
112 KB
LISA-U201 version 83S Initial Production 08 3月 2016
218 KB


147 KB
PCN: LISA-U2xx-01S
148 KB
PCN: LISA-U2xx-02S, -U200-52S, -U200-62S, -U270-62S
163 KB


LISA-U200-00S module End-of-Life announcement
75 KB
LISA-U200-61S module End-of-Life announcement
113 KB


u-blox UMTS USB driver for Windows, version 24 5月 2016
1.21 MB

Evaluation Software

m-center for Windows, version 1.9.0New 26 9月 2016
1.21 MB

CAD/CAE Libraries

Altium Designer Library (hosted on Github)
3D Step Models Library (hosted on GitHub)


Product Catalog 24 6月 2016
9.17 MB
u-blox Package Information Guide 27 5月 2016
2.8 MB