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VoLTE_home alert panel


by Sabrina Bochen

It has been ten years since Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, a decade in which his “widescreen iPod, mobile phone and Internet communications device” completely changed the way that people communicate, access information, and consume media.

2月 06, 2017


by Kilian Frank

Wi‑Fi is integral to today’s modern connected car. Powered by LTE, vehicle Wi‑Fi hotspots are an option on virtually all the latest car models.

1月 31, 2017


by Pelle Svensson

Although people intuitively see the human body and mind as somehow distinct from the hard machinery of science and engineering, the healthcare industry has always been an early adopter of the new technologies – from the first surgical tools and prosthetic limbs to more recent innovations, like MR

1月 16, 2017
a man standing in front of his home with a smartphone in his hand

by Charles Sturman

It seems almost laughable now to think that voice was the driving force behind the development of the original telecommunications services.

1月 05, 2017
IIoT Chain of Trust

by Simon Glassman, Mats Andersson

For any industrial IoT application, ensuring signal integrity is crucial for safety and operational reliability.

12月 08, 2016
Mettoh School_u-blox


by Gitte Jensen

Launched in 2005, the Savannah Education Trust is a British charity providing disadvantaged rural communities in Northern Ghana with education programs.

10月 21, 2016

by Sabrina Bochen

As the cellular Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, it is becoming paramount that the communication technologies best‑suited to support the IoT devices must be specifically designed for the unique needs of M2M applications.

10月 15, 2016