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We acquired Thingstream

The acquisition of Thingstream and its connectivity platform accelerates our entry into a new dimension of our services business, the u-blox IoT Sphere. It will provide a reliable, smart and secure solution to connect sensor data to your public or private cloud.

UBX-R5 chip

u-blox IoT chipset certified by AT&T for LTE-M

The u-blox UBX‑R5 chipset platform offers unprecedented wireless technology integration with built‑in end‑to‑end security, making it ideal for long life‑cycle IoT applications.



We’re seeing the impact of COVID-19 across all aspects of our lives. Personal health, business, relationships, government, innovation, and so much more. We therefore created a page that informs you about the status of u-blox in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more


Annual Results 2019

Leadership requires vision, the ability to plan for the long‑term and to successfully navigate operations during challenging conditions. We remained focused on the driving force of our business – a world and a future that will undoubtedly be one defined by connectivity, location, and communication.

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Your safety. Our passion.

We’re all aware of the importance of security. Still, the risk of data breaches, device hacking, and any kind of vulnerability being exploited keeps rising every year. Proof of that is the worldwide spending on cybersecurity: it is forecasted to reach $133.7 billion in 2022. For industries and individuals, security has become an imperative. Read more

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What drives the connected future?

When you think about the future, what do you see? Flying cars? Robotic nurses? Green cities that respond to our every need? While we need imagination to conceive our shared tomorrow, innovation, commercialization, and implementation are, ultimately, what get it built. It’s about hitting the sweet spot between the cutting edge and what actually adds value.

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u-blox M9, the ultra-robust GNSS positioning platform

u‑blox M9 products support concurrent reception of four GNSS constellations which increases the robustness of the positioning performance. The high number of visible satellites allows the receiver to select the best signals. This maximizes the position accuracy, in particular under challenging conditions such as in deep urban canyons. Read more

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For a better, safer connected world.

Imagine a connected world in which devices communicate securely, sensitive data is kept safe, and cyber threats are kept at bay. Welcome to the future we’re forging.


u-blox reports first half 2019 financial results

In the first half of 2019, u‑blox reached revenues of CHF 190.6 million compared to H1.2018 revenues of CHF 199 million, a decline of 4.2%. The company saw a resurgence in the APAC region with growth of 8% and growth of 14% in China against H1.2018.

Rigado bluetooth modules

We acquired Rigado’s module business

The acquisition complements u-blox’s commitment for an extended Bluetooth product offering and adds access to new sales channels and market segments.