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We’re all aware of the importance of security. Still, the risk of data breaches, device hacking, and any kind of vulnerability being exploited keeps rising every year. Proof of that is the worldwide spending on cybersecurity: it is forecasted to reach $133.7 billion in 2022. For industries and individuals, security has become an imperative.

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It’s time to get serious about security

Security breaches impact both your top and bottom line. On one hand, revenues go down when vulnerabilities are exploited through malicious attacks. On the other hand, an unsecure device or service damages your reputation in the long run. It is time to get serious about security! In our ‘IoT security’ article we present the most common IoT threats and discuss solutions to make your solutions proven & scalable.

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Trust us with your safety

Did you know there is no safety without security? This is true for any industry. From healthcare to automotive, from consumer devices to buildings. As we transition into a fully connected and digitalized world, security is becoming even more important to guarantee your safety in every-day situations: when making financial transactions, during your office commute, or at the doctor’s –to name just a few!

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Four steps to IoT security

Secure by design

From an IoT perspective, security is only achieved when the following three requirements are met: devices, data, and access management all need to be secured. At u-blox we do not only design and manufacture secure devices, but also provide services with trusted partners such as Kudelski to make sure your data and access to it are threat-free. Want to know more? Read our white paper ”4 steps to IoT security.”

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