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Seeking insight? In our webinars, our experts share their knowledge on challenges, opportunities, and solutions related to wireless positioning and communication technologies.

24 April 2019

Webinar: Electric vehicle charging goes wireless

With the continuous rise of deployed electric vehicles, the need for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations increases. Sign up for this 30-minute webinar to learn about EV charging developments, wireless opportunities, as well as architecture implementations and standards.


04 April 2019

Webinar: Switch on Smart Lighting in Smart Cities & Buildings

Register for our one-hour webinar explaining what Smart Lighting can do in building and city applications, key drivers, network topologies, wireless technology options and how Smart lighting becomes a value-added service.


19 March 2019

Webcast: Full Year Results Presentation 2018

Watch the video webcast of our investor presentation to learn more about our 2018 financial results and get an update on our business performance.


13 February 2019

Webinar: 5 best practices in Smart Metering

Sign up for this 50-minute webinar where you will learn how to transform your metering business with the new generation smart wireless technologies.


30 November 2018

Webinar: V2X Basics

As traffic volumes increase, so do concerns for avoiding accidents and reducing traffic congestion. Watch this 40-minute webinar explaining the foundation of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) and what it means for traffic safety.


01 November 2018

Webinar: 5G and your device design

Join this 30-minute webinar to learn about the latest 3GPP 5G release, how 5G affects your plans for LPWA devices, 5G use cases and applications, spectrum choices, and how u-blox can support your 5G device plans.


02 October 2018

Webinar: Untethered Dead Reckoning technology

Attend this 15-minute webinar for a full update on Untethered Dead Reckoning (UDR) technology. Besides a UDR introduction, the webinar covers UDR 1.20 highlights, test and evaluation results as well as the u-blox UDR product overview.


21 September 2018

Webinar: ZED-F9P technology deep dive

Join this 40-minute deep dive into the challenges of the high precision positioning market as well as the benefits and performance of the u-blox F9 high precision GNSS module ZED-F9P.


18 June 2018

Webinar: V2X and High Precision GNSS for the Automated Driving Experience

In this 20-minute webinar, learn how an integrated approach in which aggregated sensor data, complemented with High Precision GNSS, and V2X communication is the only way to feasibly ensure active autonomous safety and an experience that is comfortable for consumers.


11 June 2018

Webcast: The next step into active traffic safety

Watch this 45-minute webcast on the June 5 press conference when u-blox unveiled the next step towards increased traffic safety and autonomous driving via the announcement of the UBX-P3 which is the industry’s smallest concurrent dual channel V2X communication chip.