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Vision, mission & values


u‑blox IoT connectivity vision

We aspire to be the world’s leading industry-quality supplier of communications and positioning components in a network that will connect more devices and impact our lives more than anything ever before: the Internet of Things that Really Matter. To achieve this, we focus on three areas that help our customers to produce practical, easy-to-use consumer devices:

  • Location
    We enable people, machines, vehicles and devices to locate their exact position: this is the core and starting point of our business.
  • Communication
    We develop the technologies that provide end-products with mobile connectivity and allow them to communicate wirelessly via voice, text or video.
  • Acceleration
    We focus on research and the development of technologies that accelerate our customers’ pace of innovation and time to market.


At u‑blox, four strategic elements underpin all we do. They provide the framework that helps us create value for our customers and shareholders, and stay ahead of the competition.

Technology and innovation

At the core of our strategy is our commitment to technology and innovation. We design rugged, business-critical solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) that meet our customers’ needs for long-term 24/7 reliability. By focusing exclusively on research and development, and outsourcing production from only the very best suppliers, we can offer the quality and innovation that help our customers improve their productivity, respond time more quickly to their own customers' needs and expand their operations.

Market position

The unmatched quality and reliability of our products helps us to acquire and retain customers while consolidating and expanding our position in new markets and geographical regions.

Operational excellence

Our dedicated, professional workforce is key to operational excellence. People at every level of the company share a commitment to working towards the highest possible quality, enhancing efficiency and containing costs without compromising your exacting standards.

Strategic partnership and acquisition opportunities

Our partners are crucial to our success. We liaise closely with them to ensure ongoing improvements and efficiency. And we continuously evaluate strategic acquisitions of companies, technologies and products that we believe will accelerate one or more of the elements of our strategy.


At u‑blox we have five core values. They define what we believe and how we behave towards customers, partners and colleagues. They provide a framework for profitable, sustainable growth and act as a reliable guideline. They are, in essence, who we are.

Customer focus

All our activities must bring value to and earn the trust of our customers. By building positive partnerships, cooperating closely, and listening carefully, we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Passion is the lifeblood of our company. We are continuously moving forward and seeking ways to improve our products and services, either by ourselves or through partners and acquisitions.

All round reliability

The way we do things is accurate. From initial contact, through design-in, and on to prototypes and production, our customers can depend on us for technical and logistical support and excellence every step of the way.

Unmatched quality

Only by conforming to the industry’s most demanding quality standards can we maintain the trust we have built with our customers.

Ethical standards

We commit to conduct ourselves in an ethical manner and act as a good corporate citizen in all environments in which our company operates. We listen to others, work together to achieve shared goals, treat each other with respect and dignity, and maintain high ethical standards.