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uGive – Employee Volunteering

Over time, Madagascar has suffered enormous deforestation, largely due to demand for firewood. Swiss non-governmental organization ADES has been working on the island for almost 20 years, running programs to tackle this pressing issue.

u‑blox is a proud supporter. Through our uGive program, we donate money for every hour that our employees volunteer for non-profit organizations. Herbert Blaser, Head of the Product Center Short Range Radio, continues the story: “The work ADES does, including its environmental awareness and reforestation programs, is making a real difference to the people in Madagascar. I have been a volunteer for ADES since u‑blox became involved ten years ago. ADES stands out as an extremely efficient NGO. For every Franc donated, two Francs are spent in Madagascar, made possible thanks to the sales of CO2 certificates.”

“The flagship ADES program – the production and sales of energy-efficient cooking stoves – has engineering at its heart, and I’m delighted to have joined the organization’s board three years ago.

It is amazing to see what ADES has become - a recognized brand and a highly respected employer. We live such privileged lives here. That is why it is so great that u‑blox has been supporting ADES for so long, through donations, and through uGive. I’m really excited about what we can achieve with ADES over the coming years.”