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Pro u‑blox in a nutshell

  • Innovation rules the world
    Be part of a fascinating and challenging work environment as we develop the future together.
  • Transparency
    We value open communication in both directions of the hierarchy. Employees are always aware of the company's progress and are welcome to suggest new ideas.
  • Diversity makes the difference
    Our multicultural work environment is based on respect and openness to other cultures and ways of thinking.
  • Have fun at work
    The working atmosphere is affected by a cooperative and helpful culture where it is not all about business.
  • Your development is our success
    The employee's targets are our goals. To achieve them together we build on skills and competences.


Training & Development

We support our employees with training to achieve their targets and develop skills.

Picture of 3 u‑blox employeesWe offer corporate leadership trainings for managers. People leading people for the first time at u‑blox receive fundamental training to be prepared for their role as team leader and to brush up on existing knowledge. Afterwards regular training is scheduled for those managers to keep their methods up-to-date. The focus is on the experiences they have made in their leadership functions while aiming for constant improvement of skills and ability. Project management trainings are held by internal experts to share their knowledge with colleagues and to compare notes with each other. Our corporate training concept is reviewed every year to make sure our training remains at a high quality level.

We are glad to support our motivated employees who want to grow with u‑blox. It is important to us that our employees are satisfied, and that their work is challenging and rewarding. They should thrive in their role, continue to bring innovative ideas, and never lose motivation. Together we decide what kind of individual training is needed, case by case.


Career development

Our employees make our success possible. We are a team, and a cruicial characteristic of a team is to work together hand in hand.

How do you envision your career path?

Career does not mean the same for all of us and is not restricted to a management path. We are working with a dual career ladder to insure that a professional career gives the same growth opportunity as a management career. Our career ladder is based on a position evaluation system which gives transparency and consistency.

Scheme of the dual career ladder at u‑blox

But development is not only about career paths – it is also about continuous learning, reaching targets and growing in responsibilities. Your satisfaction and motivation is important for creating innovative products and high work quality. Your performance is key to our business and therefore we support a regular exchange between you and your line manager about these topics, using annual appraisal and mid-year review meetings.


We pay fair and competitive salaries which we benchmark on a regular basis. Our bonus scheme is based on individual and company performance. Furthermore, we have an employee stock option plan so that employees participate even more with the company’s success.

Any additional benefits are based on local market conditions. We are keen to provide an attractive overall package.


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