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We aspire to industry leadership and ongoing success in what we do. But we are not prepared to achieve it at any price. Ultimately, we need to ensure that our products do no harm to our planet or the people who live on it. We aim to minimize our environmental impact, attract and retain employees, support the less fortunate in our society, and be a responsible business partner. These objectives shape our policies, our mission, and our actions. At the end of the day, they determine the quality and success of our business.

Business ethics

Our commitment to ethical principles is integral to the way we do business. Essentially, it is expressed through three separate but related elements: our own Code of Conduct; our upholding of the UN Global Compact; and our clearly stated stance on corruption.




As a company at the leading edge of its industry, u‑blox needs talented individuals to provide the creativity, innovation and occasional stroke of genius need to keep us there. Growth in recent years has been exponential, while the number of people employed in sales, marketing and support, in research and development and in logistics and administration has likewise risen rapidly.

Environmental responsibility

u‑blox has a long record of compliance with demanding environmental standards, both statutory and self‑imposed. As a fabless semiconductor company that outsources production to partners worldwide, we require the same exacting sustainability standards from our suppliers.

Supply chain responsibility

At u‑blox, sustainability is integral to every aspect of our operations. One crucial aspect of sustainability is ensuring that our supply chain is responsible, that our suppliers comply with established international principles, and that no conflict minerals are used in the manufacture of our products.


An essential component of our corporate social responsibility is to provide active support to communities in which we are both directly and indirectly involved. Our involvement mobilizes our financial, human and technological resources to push ahead with change and make communities stronger. Education, health and disaster relief are the main areas in which we are actively involved.