Supply chain responsibility

Working with like-minded businesses

All companies in our supply chain go through a rigorous and ongoing assessment process, in line with our Supplier Code of Conduct. This is based on the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct.                           

Our approach helps ensures the u-blox supply chain complies with established international principles around labor, human rights, worker health and safety, the environment, ethics and management systems.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Careful supplier selection
All potential u-blox suppliers undergo a comprehensive multi-stage appraisal before we buy from them. The first part of this involves the supplier completing our self-assessment process. We then review their responses, feed back on any areas that need improving and perform on-site audits, if necessary.

Continual improvement – for u-blox and our suppliers
We’re always striving to improve sustainability standards in our own business. This is why we look to learn from best practices our suppliers have implemented. And this works the other way, as well: we help our suppliers continually enhance their processes, resource efficiency, environmental and social standards.

This collaborative approach is highly effective, and fosters deeper and more productive relationships between us and our supply chain, while also benefiting the wider communities we operate in.

No conflict minerals
As a responsible business, it’s incredibly important to us that our work doesn’t contribute to any conflict, anywhere in the world. That’s why part of our supplier selection process addresses the issue of conflict minerals, to ensure these do not end up in any of our products.

Learn more here about responsible minerals sourcing at u‑blox.