NORA-W36 u-connectXpress error codes

NORA-W36 u-connectXpress error codes

u-blox short range stand-alone modules

1 Common Error Codes

Error codeCommon Error code

2 AT Parser Error Codes

Error codeAT Error code

3 Wi-Fi Error Codes

Error codeWi-Fi Error code

4 Standard BSD Error Codes

Error codeDescription
0No error
2No such file or directory
3No such process
4Interrupted system call
5I/O error
6No such device or address
7Arg list too long
8Exec format error
9Bad file number
10No child processes
11Try again
12Out of memory
13Permission denied
14Bad address
15Block device required
16Device or resource busy
17File exists
18Cross-device link
19No such device
20Not a directory
21Is a directory
22Invalid argument
23File table overflow
24Too many open files
25Not a typewriter
26Text file busy
27File too large
28No space left on device
29Illegal seek
30Read-only file system
31Too many links
32Broken pipe
33Math argument out of domain of func
34Math result not representable
35Resource deadlock would occur
36File name too long
37No record locks available
38Function not implemented
39Directory not empty
40Too many symbolic links encountered
41Try again
42No message of desired type
43Identifier removed
44Channel number out of range
45Level 2 not synchronized
46Level 3 halted
47Level 3 reset
48Link number out of range
49Protocol driver not attached
50No CSI structure available
51Level 2 halted
52Invalid exchange
53Invalid request descriptor
54Exchange full
55No anode
56Invalid request code
57Invalid slot
58Resource deadlock would occur
59Bad font file format
60Device not a stream
61No data available
62Timer expired
63Out of streams resources
64Machine is not on the network
65Package not installed
66Object is remote
67Link has been severed
68Advertise error
69Srmount error
70Communication error on send
71Protocol error
72Multihop attempted
73RFS specific error
74Not a data message
75Value too large for defined data type
76Name not unique on network
77File descriptor in bad state
78Remote address changed
79Can not access a needed shared library
80Accessing a corrupted shared library
81lib section in aout corrupted
82Attempting to link in too many shared libraries
83Cannot exec a shared library directly
84Illegal byte sequence
85Interrupted system call should be restarted
86Streams pipe error
87Too many users
88Socket operation on non-socket
89Destination address required
90Message too long
91Protocol wrong type for socket
92Protocol not available
93Protocol not supported
94Socket type not supported
95Operation not supported on transport endpoint
96Protocol family not supported
97Address family not supported by protocol
98Address already in use
99Cannot assign requested address
100Network is down
101Network is unreachable
102Network dropped connection because of reset
103Software caused connection abort
104Connection reset by peer
105No buffer space available
106Transport endpoint is already connected
107Transport endpoint is not connected
108Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown
109Too many references: cannot splice
110Connection timed out
111Connection refused
112Host is down
113No route to host
114Operation already in progress
115Operation now in progress
116Stale NFS file handle
117Structure needs cleaning
118Not a XENIX named type file
119No XENIX semaphores available
120Is a named type file
121Remote I/O error
122Quota exceeded
123No medium found
124Wrong medium type

5 IEEE 802.11 Codes

5.1 Deauthentication Reason Codes

Error codeNrDeauthentication reason code
0Undefined error
1Unspecified reason
2Previous authentication no longer valid
3Deauthenticated because sending station is leaving (or has left) independent basic service set (IBSS) or extended service set (ESS)
4Disassociated due to inactivity
5Disassociated because access point (AP) unable to handle all currently associated stations
6Class 2 frame received from nonauthenticated station
7Class 3 frame received from nonassociated station
8Disassociated because sending station is leaving (or has left) basic service set (BSS)
9Station requesting association or reassociation not authenticated with responding station
10Disassociated because of unacceptable information in the power capability element
11Disassociated because of unacceptable information in the supported channels element
13Invalid information (Doesn't follow 802.11 standard)
14Message integrity code (MIC) failure
154-way handshake timeout
16Group-key handshake timeout
17Information element in 4-way handshake different from association request, reassociation request, probe response, or beacon frame
18Invalid group cipher
19Invalid pairwise cipher
20Invalid authentication and key management protocol (AKMP)
21Unsupported robust security network (RSN) information element version
22Invalid RSN information element capabilities
23IEEE 802.1X authentication failed
24Cipher suite rejected because of security policy
32Disassociated for unspecified quality of service (QoS)-related reason
33Disassociated because QoS AP lacks sufficient bandwidth for this QoS station
34Disassociated because excessive number of frames need to be acknowledged, but are not acknowledged due to AP transmissions or poor channel conditions, or both
35Disassociated because station is transmitting outside limits of its transmission opportunities (TXOPs)
36Requested from peer station as station is leaving or resetting the BSS
37Requested from peer station as it doesn't want to use the mechanism
38Requested from peer station as station received frames using the mechanism for which a setup is required
39Requested from peer station due to timeout
45Peer station doesn't support requested cipher suite

5.2 Association Status Codes

Error codeAssociation status code
1Unspecified failure
2Tunneled direct link setup (TDLS) wakeup schedule rejected but alternative schedule provided
3TDLS wakeup schedule rejected
5Security disabled
6Unacceptable lifetime
7Not in same basic service set (BSS)
10Can't support all requested capabilities in capability information field
11Reassociation denied due to inability to confirm that association exists
12Association denied due to reason outside scope of this standard
13Responding station doesn't support specified authentication algorithm
14Received authentication frame with authentication transaction sequence number out of expected sequence
15Authentication rejected because of challenge failure
16Authentication rejected due to timeout waiting for next frame in sequence
17Association denied because AP unable to handle additional associated stations
18Association denied due to requesting station not supporting all data rates in the BSSBasicRateSet parameter, where BSS refers to basic service set
19Association denied due to requesting station not supporting short preamble option
20Association denied due to requesting station not supporting packet binary convolutional code (PBCC) modulation option
21Association denied due to requesting station not supporting channel agility option
22Association request rejected because spectrum management capability required
23Association request rejected because of unacceptable information in the power capability element
24Association request rejected because of unacceptable information in the supported channels element
25Association denied due to requesting station not supporting short slot time option
26Association denied due to requesting station not supporting direct sequence spread spectrum orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (DSSS-OFDM) option
27Association denied because requesting station doesn't support high throughput (HT) features
28Pairwise master key (PMK-R0) Key Holder (R0KH) unreachable
29Association denied because requesting station doesn't support phased coexistence operation (PCO) transition time required by the AP
30Association request rejected temporarily; try again later
31Robust management frame policy violation
32Unspecified. Quality of service (QoS)-related failure
33Association denied because QoS AP has insufficient bandwidth to handle another QoS station
34Association denied due to excessive frame loss rates or poor conditions on current operating channel, or both
35Association (with QoS BSS) denied because the requesting station does not support the QoS facility
37Request declined
38Request not successful as one or more parameters have invalid values
39Traffic stream (TS) not created because request can't be honored; however, suggested traffic specification (TSPEC) provided so that the initiating station may attempt to set another TS with suggested changes to TSPEC
40Invalid information element (doesn't follow 802.11 standard)
41Invalid group cipher
42Invalid pairwise cipher
43Invalid authentication and key management protocol (AKMP)
44Unsupported robust security network element (RSNE) information element version
45Invalid RSNE information element capabilities
46Cipher suite rejected because of security policy
47TS not created; however, hybrid coordinator (HC) may be capable of creating TS, in response to a request, after the time indicated in TS delay element
48Direct link not allowed in the BSS by policy
49Destination station not present within this BSS
50Destination station not a QoS station
51Association denied because ListenInterval too large
52Invalid fast transition (FT) action frame count
53Invalid shared key (pairwise master key identifier or PMKID)
54Invalid mobility domain element (MDE)
55Invalid fast transition element (FTE)
56Requested traffic classification (TCLAS) processing not supported by AP
57AP has insufficient TCLAS processing resources to satisfy request
58TS not created because request can't be honored; however, HC suggests station transitions to other BSSs to set up TS
59Generic advertisement service (GAS) advertisement protocol not supported
60No outstanding GAS request
61GAS response not received from advertisement server
62Station timed out waiting for GAS query response
63GAS response larger than query response length limit
64Request refused because home network doesn't support request
65Advertisement server in network not currently reachable
68Request refused because AP doesn't support unauthenticated access
73Unscheduled Automatic Power Save Delivery (U-APSD) coexistence not supported
74Requested U-APSD coexistence mode not supported
75Requested interval or duration value can't be supported with U-APSD coexistence
76Authentication rejected because anti-clogging token is required
77Authentication rejected because the offered finite cyclic group not supported
78The Target Beacon Transmission Time (TBTT) adjustment request not successful because station couldn't find alternative TBTT
79Transmission failure
80Requested TCLAS not supported
81TCLAS resources exhausted
82Rejected with suggested BSS transition
93Association or reassociation refused because of memory limits at AP
94Association or reassociation refused because emergency services not supported at AP
95GAS query response not yet received
101Request failed due to exceeded MCCA access fraction (MAF) limit
102Request failed due to exceeded MCF coordinated channel access (MCCA) track limit, where MCF refers to mesh coordination function

6 Mbed TLS SSL Error Codes

Error codeAssociation status code
-0x7180Verification of the message MAC failed
-0x7200An invalid SSL record was received
-0x7080The requested feature is not available
-0x7100Bad input parameters to function
-0x7280The connection indicated an EOF
-0x7300An unknown cipher was received
-0x7380The server has no ciphersuites in common with the client
-0x7400No RNG was provided to the SSL module
-0x7480No client certification received from the client, but required by the authentication mode
-0x7500Our own certificate(s) is/are too large to send in an SSL message
-0x7580The own certificate is not set, but needed by the server
-0x7600The own private key or pre-shared key is not set, but needed
-0x7680No CA Chain is set, but required to operate
-0x7700An unexpected message was received from our peer
-0x7780A fatal alert message was received from our peer
-0x7800Verification of our peer failed
-0x7880The peer notified us that the connection is going to be closed
-0x7900Processing of the ClientHello handshake message failed
-0x7980Processing of the ServerHello handshake message failed
-0x7A00Processing of the Certificate handshake message failed
-0x7A80Processing of the CertificateRequest handshake message failed
-0x7B00Processing of the ServerKeyExchange handshake message failed
-0x7B80Processing of the ServerHelloDone handshake message failed
-0x7C00Processing of the ClientKeyExchange handshake message failed
-0x7C80Processing of the ClientKeyExchange handshake message failed in DHM / ECDH Read Public
-0x7D00Processing of the ClientKeyExchange handshake message failed in DHM / ECDH Calculate Secret
-0x7D80Processing of the CertificateVerify handshake message failed
-0x7E00Processing of the ChangeCipherSpec handshake message failed
-0x7E80Processing of the Finished handshake message failed
-0x7F00Memory allocation failed
-0x7F80Hardware acceleration function returned with error
-0x6F80Hardware acceleration function skipped / left alone data
-0x6F00Processing of the compression / decompression failed
-0x6E80Handshake protocol not within min/max boundaries
-0x6E00Processing of the NewSessionTicket handshake message failed
-0x6D80Session ticket has expired
-0x6D00Public key type mismatch (eg, asked for RSA key exchange and presented EC key)
-0x6C80Unknown identity received (eg, PSK identity)
-0x6C00Internal error (eg, unexpected failure in lower-level module)
-0x6B80A counter would wrap (eg, too many messages exchanged)
-0x6B00Unexpected message at ServerHello in renegotiation
-0x6A80DTLS client must retry for hello verification
-0x6A00A buffer is too small to receive or write a message
-0x6980None of the common ciphersuites is usable (eg, no suitable certificate, see debug messages)
-0x6900Connection requires a read call
-0x6880Connection requires a write call
-0x6800The operation timed out
-0x6780The client initiated a reconnect from the same port
-0x6700Record header looks valid but is not expected
-0x6680The alert message received indicates a non-fatal error
-0x6600Couldn't set the hash for verifying CertificateVerify