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u-blox Services

We deliver leading wireless technology to reliably locate and connect people and devices. We are forging a path in which our products can be combined with services that enhance functionality, improve quality of service in challenging conditions, and solve the problems of complexity, cost, and availability.

IoT Security‑as‑a‑Service protect your business and your data, with safety as a core value, through a world‑class scalable symmetric key management system. 

IoT Location‑as‑a‑Service set the standard for reliable and fast location information, including when satellite signals are weak or absent.

IoT Security‑as‑a-Service

Imagine a connected world in which devices communicate securely, sensitive data is kept safe, and cyber threats are kept at bay. Welcome to the future we’re forging.
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IoT Location‑as‑a‑Service

Enhanced positioning for speed, redundancy, and accuracy
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