Reliable wireless personal health monitoring


Carré Technologies was founded in 2006 with the goal to create an all-in-one system that would smoothly measure and analyze performance body metrics. Carré develops devices that consistently monitor a person’s health.


“We decided on Bluetooth technology in 2010 and selected u-blox (formerly connectBlue) after a thorough Internet search, internal product analysis and comparison based on feature sets,” says Jean-François Roy, co-founder and CTO of Carré Technologies. “u-blox was chosen as they had superior Apple connectivity thanks to the Bluetooth module’s ease-of-use, reliability and number of ISO certifications.”


The u-blox Bluetooth module is part of Carré’s innovative Hexoskin solution. “Hexoskin is a connected intelligent garment for the real-time acquisition and analysis of body metrics to provide clear results on the user wellness and performance,” explains Roy.

Hexoskin initiates data transfer as soon as it is within Bluetooth range of a paired mobile device, and the mobile device processes the performance vectors. The complete dataset can be forwarded to Carré’s cloud server for more detailed analysis. These findings can then be submitted as session reports.

“The Hexoskin product is ideal for sports teams and elite athletes, so that coaches can track and compare each team member’s performance over time,” explains Roy.

Carré Technologies can vouch for u-blox as a reliable supplier. “The u-blox products work as specified and the customer technical support is quick and efficient,” says Roy. “Thanks to u-blox, we have been able to get a faster timeto-market.”