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At u-blox we place the highest possible emphasis on delivering premium quality products and services to our customers. We extend the same level of care to all areas of our business. The quality of our relationship with our customers is as important to us as the excellence of the wireless and positioning modules and chips we deliver to them.

Our quality care plan

We understand that our customers have constantly evolving needs in terms of design, innovation and quality. We aim to meet 95% of all delivery requirements with flexible, responsive delivery and short lead times, whatever the capacity requirements.

Our concern with quality encompasses our suppliers, who we require to conform to exacting standards for their products. These are manufactured to the most stringent specifications and carry industry recognized certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 26262 and ISO/IEC 80079 34. We operate a zero defects policy which we maintain by providing our own IC design, testing and quality assurance departments in house.

We continually scrutinize and revise our product design and innovation processes to ensure our products are both market‑driven and technologically superior. Quality and yield are maximized at every stage of production through constant testing, including product built‑in self‑testing, simulation and integrity verification processes.

While our products are cutting edge and right up to the mark for quality, we also strive to maintain the highest standards in terms of sustainability. We meet or exceed standards for hazardous chemical and substance usage and all of our suppliers’ facilities are compliant with ISO 14001 for environmental management.

We value our employees highly. Our exacting technological standards are underpinned by a corporate environment that fosters teamwork, enthusiasm and dedication in our employees. As a consequence, our staff members are loyal and have long‑lived careers with us.

Our committed approach to quality extends to maintenance of the highest standards on human rights, labour and anti‑corruption issues as well as to caring for the environment.

Our promise on standards and delivery

We maintain the highest standards possible for our customers by developing all chip and module tests in‑house and verifying them before assembly and testing. Our chip production process includes 100% wafer sorting and packaging as well as 100% final testing. Products destined for the automotive marketplace, the most exacting of the three product grades we offer, not only meet the highest standards available – AEC Q100 for ICs and ISO 16750 for modules – but also pass through a zero defects flow process before the qualification tests that are performed at our laboratory facilities.   

We recognize that it’s as important to deliver the products our customers require at the time they specify as it is to provide fully functional state of the art products. We work hard to ensure that we can deliver all that we promise by planning production of modules and ICs 12 months ahead, planning short term just in time deliveries on a weekly basis and keeping safety stocks of components and wafers at three different global locations.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t cease with product manufacture. We ensure that our products are still in perfect condition when they reach our customers by taking the greatest care with their packaging and delivery.

At u‑blox, quality truly is our way of life.