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Demonstration software for low power tracking on C030-R410M

Low power tracking within 15 minutes

  • Reduces development complexity thanks to ready‑to‑use application code
  • Plug‑and‑play solution to accelerate time‑to‑market
  • Optimized presets for testing different use cases, such as sports, people & asset tracking
  • Optimized low power GNSS and LTE Cat M1/NB1 solution
  • User friendly dashboard to log, retrieve and visualize the power, accuracy and TTFF
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    u‑track is a software tool that replicates a real low‑power tracking application. Within 15 minutes of installing it, the user can see the first results. It covers three main use cases (sport tracking, people tracking and asset tracking) with optimized presets and is based on the most power‑optimized GNSS and LTE Cat M1/NB1 u‑blox technology.
    It is designed to easily record and visualize logs, including power consumption.
    The solution is composed of embedded firmware that runs on a C030‑R410M application board and the u‑track application software to run on a PC.

    Product Summary