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Particle Electron

Cellular development kit for building Internet of Things (IoT) devices

The Electron from (formerly is a tiny development kit for creating cellular‑connected electronics projects and products. It comes with a SIM card and an affordable data plan for low‑bandwidth applications

Imagine a cellular‑connected Arduino, but with a more powerful processor and a SIM card. It also comes with Spark's development tools and cloud platform for managing and interacting with your new connected hardware. Three variants with SARA‑G350SARA‑U260 or SARA‑U270 are available.


    In addition there is an Asset Tracker Kit that contains all of the hardware needed to build a cellular + GPS/GNSS location tracker. A GPS/GNSS shield powered by MAX‑M8Q is included. Everything can be easily mounted in a weatherproof enclosure, to keep the electronics safe from the dust, dirt, and moisture. 


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