Foundation security (archived)

Trust and control your device

A unique and immutable device identity and robust root of trust provides the foundation for a trusted set of advanced security functionality

  • Production is performed using processes & methods designed with a strong security focus
  • Only trusted software issued by the authorized manufacturer will run on the device
  • Authenticated firmware updates are delivered remotely via u-blox uFOTA client/server solution
  • Clones are automatically identified and blocked

Product variants

Anti-cloning detection and rejection

The systematic and automated identification and blocking of clones as identified via the device root of trust.

Secure boot

A security standard that makes certain a device will only boot or run trusted software issued by the original device manufacturer.

Secure communication (D)TLS

Standards‑based cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security over a network for data in transit.

Secure production

Production is performed using processes and methods designed with a strong security focus and within a controlled manufacturing environment.

Secure updates

Remotely and securely updating modules using signed firmware that is authenticated in the module via secure boot.

Security root of trust

A unique immutable identity together with the hardware and software cryptographic capabilities necessary to enable trusted functions.

u-blox services are delivered by the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform. Discover more with the IoT Security-as-a-Service getting started guide.

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Services Description and Price
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Services description and price

  • Unique device Identity
  • Secure boot sequence and updates
  • Hardware-backend crypto functions
  • Root of trust based authentication

We live in an age when the internet continually connects more and more physical objects, which makes it more important than ever to be able to fully trust and control your IoT device. 

First, the module needs to have a unique and immutable identity that is tied with the root of trust. A root of trust is a source for a trusted set of advanced security functionality. The device identity is linked to a secure back-end in order to continuously monitor and detect if it is ever hacked or cloned. 

We start with incorporating our root of trust into our controlled manufacturing environment using highly secure processes. 

Second, thanks to a secure boot sequence, the module can only authenticate and run authorized firmware as well as any future updates delivered over the air. 

Next we utilize our secure libraries and hardware-backed crypto functions, together in the root of trust, to derive an infinite number of trusted keys for each device. 

And finally, these trusted keys are used to secure any function, such as securing data at rest locally or data in transit when connecting to cloud platforms. 

These foundational principles ultimately protect the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of your IoT solution.


Foundation security features are included in the module free of charge. Please refer to detailed pricing page for the IoT Security-as-a-Service  portfolio pricing.

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