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Evaluation kit for ODIN-W2 series with UART communication


  • USB 2.0 connector for virtual COM port interface and power
  • 3 Mbps UART interface
  • 5 LED indicators for status and activity
  • Reset button for quick rebooting
  • Serial and factory restore button for easy recovery from nonstandard settings
  • PC application for easy configuration and evaluation

    Product variants


    EDR, 1.2 Mbps throughput, multipoint, Internal antenna

    The EVK-W262U makes the evaluation of the stand-alone multiradio module ODIN-W262 easy. The USB adapter board connects to a PC where a virtual COM port is installed. The evaluation kit is powered through the USB connector. The s-center graphical user interface simplifies configuration and provides tools for performance evaluation and firmware upgrades.

    • USB adapter board mounted with ODIN-W262 module
    • USB extension cable
    • s-center software for Windows OS (to download)

    See s-center to learn more about the short-range radio evaluation software for Windows.

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