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RPMA evaluation kit


  • u‑blox RPMA technology
  • u‑blox GNSS application with RPMA connectivity
  • Freescale K20 host processor and JTAG interface
  • Texas Instruments TPS63000 buck/boost voltage regulator provides flexibility for EVK to be powered either by battery or 5V power adapter
  • Interfaces: GPIO ports, analog‑to‑digital conversion, pulse counter / timer block, comparator,USB port, and a serial UART port to host processor
  • 2 MMCX antenna connectors provide the option to use alternative antennas than the ceramic RPMA antennas
  • 1 U.FL connector for GNSS antenna
EVK-NANO-S100 Series

    Product variants


    RPMA evaluation kit for NANO-S100 module

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    The EVK‑S10NANO evaluation kit provides a simple, flexible and ready‑to‑use environment for evaluating the u‑blox NANO‑S100 RPMA module, as well as for designing and testing of RPMA and GNSS applications. As an example host application processor, the kit includes a Freescale K20 host processor to control the NANO‑S100 module through the RPMA Radio Module API, offers application interfaces to connect with various sensors, and is suitable for low power consumption applications.  The kit is user‑friendly, providing a UART interface for development, testing and tracing.

    • Evaluation board with a NANO‑S100 module, MAX‑M8 series GNSS, and Freescale K20 application processor
    • 1 UART to USB cable to connect with EVK application interface
    • 1 UART to USB cable for host serial interface
    • 5 V Power adapter
    • Quick start card

    To obtain the EVK‑S10NANO starter pack software with demo scripts, please fill out the project information form.