Evaluation kit for NINA-B50 stand-alone modules with Bluetooth 5.3 low energy long range, and Thread/Zigbee/Matter


  • Supports open CPU application development with SDK
  • All the NINA‑B5 module pins are available at connectors
  • Powered through USB, external power supply, or coin cell battery
  • Includes onboard debugger hardware and firmware
  • Internal or external antenna options
Short Range

Product variants


Evaluation kit for professional grade NINA-B501 with open CPU and pin for external antenna.


Evaluation kit for professional grade NINA-B506 with open CPU and internal PCB antenna.

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The EVK‑NINA‑B5 evaluation kit serves as a complete starter kit that allows for easy prototyping and evaluation of the NINA-B5 series modules. The application software is developed with the chipset supplier's SDK NXP MCUXpresso, and programmed to the NINA-B5 module via the included onboard debugger. All the NINA-B5 module pins are available at connectors for easy access and measurements, and the board also includes multiple power supply options, buttons and LEDs.

The EVK-NINA-B5 evaluation kit includes an evaluation board with either the NINA-B506 module with integrated antenna, or the NINA-B501 module with an external antenna connected to the antenna pin via a U.Fl connector on the evaluation board.