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Evaluation kit for NINA-B2 stand-alone dual-mode Bluetooth modules


  • Available in two variants - EVK-NINA-B221 and EVK-NINA-B222
  • All NINA-B2 module pins are available at connectors or jumpers
  • Can be powered through USB or external power supply
  • Serial communication and flashing over USB
99 x 52 mm

    Product variants


    EVK with NINA-B221 module, u-blox connectivity software, and an antenna connector for connecting to external antennas


    EVK with NINA-B222 module, u-blox connectivity software, and an internal antenna (a unique 2.4 GHz metal sheet antenna soldered on to the module)

    The EVK-NINA-B2 evaluation kit includes an evaluation board, which can be used as a reference design for the NINA-B2 series Bluetooth dual-mode modules, a quick start guide and a USB cable.

    • EVK-NINA-B221 or EVK-NINA-B222 evaluation board
    • 2.4 GHz foldable antenna (Ex-It 2400) with reverse polarity SMA connector (EVK-NINA-B221 only)
    • RP-SMA - U.FL cable assembly, 100 mm length (EVK-NINA-B221 only)
    • USB cable