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NB-IoT evaluation kits


  • u‑blox LTE Cat NB1 (NB‑IoT) cellular technology
  • Simple access to all pins and features of the cellular module
  • Easy testing of module power consumption
  • Extensive visualization and evaluation of the features
  • Convert technology easily with optional adapter boards
EVK-N2 NB-IoT board
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Automotive

Product variants


Evaluation Kit for SARA-N200-02B


Evaluation Kit for SARA-N201-02B


Evaluation Kit for SARA-N210-02B


Evaluation Kit for SARA-N211-02B


Evaluation Kit for SARA-N280-02B

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The EVK‑N2 is the evaluation kit for the u‑blox SARA‑N2 series cellular modules, supporting LTE Cat NB1 (NB‑IoT) radio access technology. The kits are user‑friendly and have both USB and RS232 interfaces for development, testing and tracing. Using the EVK‑N2, the designer can fully verify and test the major benefits of the NB‑IoT technology, including the improved device sensitivity and low power consumption in deep sleep mode, aiming to guarantee 10+ years of battery lifetime.

The kits are to be used with a Windows PC via USB interface, and require an activated SIM card (not included). USB drivers can be downloaded from u‑blox website.

The kits come with a built‑in u‑blox GNSS receiver module, giving designers the flexibility also to test u‑blox GNSS technology.