u-blox M9 GNSS dead reckoning evaluation kit

For evaluation of u-blox M9 ADR and UDR features

  • USB (Type-C connector) available for power supply and data transfer
  • Supercap and micro USB port for backup power supply
  • 14-pin front connector to access all interfaces

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Product variants


u-blox M9 GNSS DR evaluation kit supports UBX-M9340-KB, UBX-M9140-KA-DR chips and NEO-M9L, NEO-M9V modules

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The EVK-M9DR evaluation kit is perfect for evaluation and performance analysis of the u-blox M9 positioning dead reckoning technology. The built-in Type-C USB interface provides both power supply and high-speed data transfer, as well as improved retention force of the connector, which makes the evaluation easier compared to previous EVK generations. The EVK-M9DR also includes a supercap and micro USB port for use with secondary power sources.

The compact u-blox EVK-M9DR evaluation kit comes in rugged metal housing. The user-friendly interface and secondary power supply option make it ideally suited for use in laboratories, test vehicles (drive testing) and outdoor locations. Used with a PDA or a notebook PC, it is a perfect companion through all design stages of projects.

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