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Evaluation kit for ELLA-W1 modules


  • Connectors for all interfaces (SDIO, PCM, and GPIO)
  • SDIO card connector
  • Onboard Bluetooth antenna
  • U.FL connectors for external antennas
  • Selectable voltage level for power supply and GPIO

    Product variants


    Evaluation kit for ELLA-W1 variants with 1 antenna pin (ELLA-W131, ELLA-W161, ELLA-W131-A, and ELLA-W161-A)


    Evaluation kit for ELLA-W1 variants with 2 antenna pins (ELLA-W133, ELLA-W163, ELLA-W133-A, and ELLA-W163-A)

    The EVK‑ELLA‑W1 evaluation kit is used to evaluate the ELLA‑W1 multiradio (Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth) host‑based modules. It includes an evaluation board with full access to all ELLA‑W1 interfaces via header connectors. The kit also includes an SDIO card connector as well as onboard antennas for Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth. For evaluation of external antennas, U.FL antenna connectors are also available.

    • Evaluation board with ELLA‑W1 module
    • SDIO card connector
    • Onboard antennas for Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth
    • Quick Start guide

    Automotive and professional grade modules are evaluated with the same evaluation kit. All evaluation kits enable the evaluation of both 2.4 and 5 GHz band operation.

    • EVK‑ELLA‑W161, the variant with 1 antenna pin, is for designs in which Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth share one antenna
    • EVK‑ELLA‑W163, the variant with 2 antenna pins, is for designs with separate Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth antennas

    Quick Start

    EVK-ELLA-W1 Quick Start


    78 KB

    User Guide

    EVK-ELLA-W1 User Guide


    1.51 MB

    Data Sheet

    ELLA-W1 Data Sheet


    1.41 MB

    Information Note

    ELLA-W1 Reached MP Status


    68 KB
    ELLA-W1 documentation and FCC / IC IDs update Information Note
    170 KB
    ELLA-W1 series reached Initial Production
    132 KB

    Conformity Declaration

    ELLA-W13 Declaration of Conformity (RED)


    113 KB
    ELLA-W16 Declaration of Conformity (RED)


    115 KB

    White Paper

    Short range low power wireless devices and Internet of Things (IoT)
    688 KB