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Drotek GPS/GNSS Antennas

UAV compatible GPS/GNSS receiver antenna boards

The French company Drotek develops and manufactures GNSS receivers for the drone and robotics market based on lasted generation u‑blox GNSS modules. The receiver antenna modules are available in various form factors with different ground plane and patch sizes. There are variants with RTK, RAW data and compass available.

  • NEO‑M8 based GPS and GNSS receiver antennas
  • Variants with NEO‑M8T providing RAW data output
  • Variants with NEO‑M8P for high performance RTK
  • On‑board compass / magnetic sensor 
  • Drone compatible interfaces 
  • Multiple form‑factors with diffrent ground plane and patch size
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Drotek GNSS Antenna
Drotek GPS/GNSS Antennas