Certificate lifecycle control

Device certificate management system

Out-of-the-box on-boarding to IoT cloud platforms with total control of the device certificate lifecycle

  • Device onboarding to IoT cloud platforms, based on X.509 certificates
  • Remote deployment of device and root certificates into the device with zero touch provisioning
  • Renewal of credentials in a fully automatic mode to ensure future-proof protection
  • Designed and optimized to seamlessly scale from prototyping to huge fleets

Product variants

IoT certificate manager

Our certificate management system provides total control of the device certificate lifecycle, eliminating the task of manually managing credential renewal on thousands of devices. Designed and optimized for IoT at scale.

Zero touch provisioning

Speed up the deployment of your IoT devices with an out-of-the-box experience for the registration and on-boarding of devices to cloud IoT platforms such as AWS and Azure or even in your custom platform.

Find out how u-blox certificate lifecycle control can help you keep your IoT network secure without all the hassle.

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Benefits of certificate lifecycle control


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Speeding up the deployment of your IoT devices allows you to focus on growing your business instead of on operational burdens. The certificate lifecycle control package offers an out-of-the-box experience for the registration and on-boarding of devices to cloud IoT platforms such as AWS, Azure, or even to custom platforms, making it simple, secure, and cost-effective.

The management of device certificate lifecycles is essential for establishing and maintaining trust for IoT devices throughout their product lifecycle. In all IoT deployments, managing certificates is a challenge that requires a sophisticated system and ongoing effort. Failure to renew certificates before expiration can put your IoT assets at risk, completely blocking the source of your revenue.

The device certificate management system enables total control of the certificates; giving access to information about the installed certificate, notifying in advance when a certificate is going to expire, as well as deletion and renewal of certificates. These factors reduce the related operational errors that can occur when working on large IoT deployments while freeing resources for other activities.


We believe that you should focus on your business without wasting time checking your bills. That is why we adopt a very simple and transparent pay-per-use method:

Zero touch provisioning

IoT certificate manager
developer plan

IoT certificate manager

✓ Unlimited Things✓ 10 Things✓ Unlimited Things
✓ Pay-as-you-go per device, per activation✓ 20 actions per month ✓ Pay-as-you-go per certificate request
✓ Minimize the effort of certificate provisioning✓ Renew, update, change Root CA✓ Renew, update, change Root CA
✓ Integrated with IoT certificate manager✓ Complements zero touch provisioning✓ Complements zero touch provisioning




Please refer to the  detailed pricing page for IoT Security-as-a-Service pricing.

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