u-blox GNSS application board

C88-M8M is an older generation product. For new designs see:



u-blox M8 UDR application example



u-blox RTK application board package

End of Life Product

The C88-M8M application board has reached end of life. For alternative application boards, please see the list of current products at the top of this page.


Product variants


u-blox M8 Evaluation Kit for EVA-M8M (crystal)

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The C88-M8M GNSS application board is designed for easier evaluation and design-in of u-blox EVA-M8M module in existing NEO based products. The C88-M8M integrates the EVA-M8M GNSS module into a NEO form factor adaptor board (i.e. with the same dimensions and pin-out as the NEO-6M, NEO-7M and NEO-M8M module families).  The C88-M8M application board allows straightforward integration of the u-blox EVA-M8M in customers’ existing end products based on the u-blox NEO-xM GNSS modules. It enables fast verification of the EVA-M8M functionalities and performances before the design-in.  u-blox application boards are intended as a means to help system integrators to develop their own GNSS-enabled end products, and are primarily sold in sample quantities. The C88-M8M is also available on reels. u-blox assumes no design services for this purpose, nor warranties regarding functionality and performance.

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