B203 mini-PCI express card

Blueprint for JODY-W1 modules


  • Mini PCI express card design (full or half size)
  • Access to Bluetooth UART over USB on the Mini PCIe connector
  • u.FL connectors for up to three antennas
  • Wake on Bluetooth and wake on WLAN features are provisioned
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The B203 is a simple Mini PCI express card that uses the u‑blox JODY‑W1 series module. The blueprint B203 board provides a reference for integrating the JODY‑W1 host-based multiradio module with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® as a Mini PCI express card.

The board has been created to match the size of the Mini PCIe card form factor and can be reduced to half of the Mini PCIe card size. The B203 uses the PCIe host interface of the JODY‑W1 series module for Wi-Fi. The Bluetooth HCI UART interface is provided on the USB pins of the Mini PCI express connector via a USB-to-UART bridge.