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AMY-6 series

Small, low-cost u-blox 6 GPS SiP

AMY-6 series is an older generation product. For new designs see:
Cost-efficient u-blox 8 GPS SiP
Cost-efficient u-blox M8 GNSS SiPs
Ultra small u-blox M8 GNSS SiPs

End of Life Product

The AMY-6 modules have reached end of life. For new designs, please see the list of current products at the top of this page.

Product variants


u-blox 6 GPS Module, 8.0 x 6.5 mm, 2000 pcs/reel

Product variantsAMY-6M
GNSS features 
OscillatorCrystal, TCXO
Microprocessor on board  
Standalone module open CPU
DDC (I2C compliant)1
Electrical data 
Minimum supply [V]1.75
Maximum supply [V]3.6
Environmental data, quality & reliability 
Maximum temperature [°C]85
Minimum temperature [°C]-40
Active antenna / LNA supply
Additional LNA
Additional SAW
Antenna open circuit detection pin
Antenna short circuit detect / protect pin
Ext. interrupt /wakeup
Internal oscillator
Programmable flash memory
RTC crystal
Timepulse output

Data Sheet

Integration Manual

Application Note

Release Notes


Driver Guide

Information Note

End of Life Note


AMY-6M is the world’s smallest standalone GPS SiP dedicated to consumer applications. It has been specifically developed to provide basic GPS functionality required by highvolume, portable products. It is a fully integrated, autonomous GPS solution requiring no host integration resulting in fast time-to-market. AMY-6M offers four different serial interfaces. This SiP features an integrated GPS crystal, providing fast acquisition and excellent tracking performance at a competitive price. In addition, AMY-6M can be assembled on a 2-layer PCB, which saves production costs. AMY-6M is so small that it can be integrated into the smallest portable devices. Advanced interference suppression mechanisms and innovative RF architecture ensure maximum performance even in hostile signal environments.