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Access control

You decide the access

Out-of-the-box, simple, secure and cost effective on boarding with the leading IoT cloud platforms

  • Realize the efficiencies of zero touch provisioning
  • Forget about certificate delivery: entirely remove the need to maintain different identities per each device and securely deliver them
  • Minimize the operational burden and maximize the focus on your business
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    u‑blox services are delivered by the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform.

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    Discover how to access u‑blox Thingstream and leverage IoT Security-as-a-Service with this getting started guide

    Available features

    Zero Touch Provisioning

    Speed up the deployment of your IoT devices with an out-of-the-box experience for the registration and on-boarding of devices to cloud IoT platforms such as AWS and Azure or even in your custom platform

    Device certificate management

    Simplify the certificate lifecycle management of your IoT devices, keep always the full control of the identity of your device and reduce the risk operational errors for certificate renewal

    Speeding up the deployment of your IoT devices allows you to focus on growing your business instead of on operational burdens. The access control package offers an out-of-the-box experience for the registration and on-boarding of devices to cloud IoT platforms such as AWS, Azure, or even to custom platforms, making it simple, secure and cost effective.

    The management of device certificate lifecycle is essential to establish and maintain trust for the IoT devices throughout the product lifecycle. In all IoT deployments, managing certificates is a hard challenge that requires sophisticated system and on-going effort. Failure in the renewal of certificates before expiration can put your IoT asset at risk, completely blocking the source of your revenue.

    The device certificate management enables a total control of the certificates letting you to get information about installed certificate, get a notification in advance when a certificate is going to expire, delete and renew a certificate reducing the related operational errors that can occur when working on large IoT deployments  and freeing resources for other activities.


    We believe that you should focus on your business without wasting time checking your bills. That is why we adopt a very simple and transparent pay-per-use method:

    Security price plans 03

    Please refer to detailed pricing page for the IoT Security-as-a-Service pricing.

    u‑blox IoT Security-as-a-Service is supported by a variety of advanced u‑blox modules, all designed to protect your data and your business.

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