Evaluation kit for ZED-F9T


  • Easy to use
  • Extensive visualization and evaluation features
  • 1PPS signal conveniently available on an SMA connector
  • All ports accessible outside
  • USB (V2.0-compatible) available for power supply and data transfer
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u-blox F9 GNSS evaluation kit for timing receivers
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The EVK-F9T evaluation kit makes evaluating the u-blox F9 multi-band GNSS timing technology easy. The built-in USB interface provides both power supply and high-speed data transfer, and eliminates the need for an external power supply. EVK-F9T comes with an active multi-band antenna, allowing immediate out-of-the-box experimenting. 1PPS signal is conveniently available on SMA connector, making it easy to connect it to any measurement equipment.

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