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Product resources

If you require technical support or need to ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community forum, relating to the product, please select the appropriate option below:



u-blox Package Information Guide 2017 12 12
3.01 MB
GNSS Modules Line Card 2017 09 11
154 KB
u-blox GNSS module overview 2017 02 14
690 KB

Product Summary

EVA-7M Product Summary
184 KB

Data Sheet

EVA-7M Data Sheet
2.02 MB

Integration Manual

EVA-7M Hardware Integration Manual
1.81 MB

Interface Manual

u-blox7 (V14) Receiver Description Protocol Specification
2.68 MB

Application Note

u-blox Production Test Information 2016 11 22
549 KB
GPS Antennas: RF Design Considerations for u-blox GPS Receivers
1.33 MB
Power Management Considerations for u-blox 7 / M8 GNSS receivers
1.09 MB

White Paper

GPS Compendium Book
5.75 MB
Anti-jamming techniques in u-blox GPS receivers
854 KB
u-blox’s comprehensive approach to multi-GNSS positioning
1.14 MB
u-blox's GNSS and cellular module philosophy
451 KB
u-blox M8 and u-blox 7: Two u-blox GNSS platform generations address all market requirements
331 KB
The promising marriage of wireless and GPS technologies
1.59 MB

Driver Guide

u-blox GNSS Sensor and VCP Device Driver User Guide 2017 11 01
1.87 MB
Selection guide for u-blox GNSS USB Windows driver 2016 11 01
354 KB

Release Notes

u-blox GNSS Sensor Device Driver for Windows, v2.40 2017 12 21
129 KB
u-blox GNSS VCP Device Driver for Windows, v3.10 2017 11 01
126 KB

Product Change Note

PCN: EVA-7M reel size change
141 KB

Conformity Declaration

EVA-7M and EVK-7EVA Declaration of Conformity (RED) 2018 01 10
69 KB


u-blox GNSS Sensor Device Driver for Windows, v2.40 2017 11 01
4.95 MB
u-blox GNSS VCP Device Driver for Windows, v3.10 2017 11 01
5.47 MB
u-blox GNSS Standard Driver for Windows, v1.2.0.8
582 KB

User Guide

MultiGNSS AssistNow User Guide 2017 12 05
1 MB

CAD/CAE Libraries

Altium Designer Library (hosted on Github)
CadSoft Eagle Library (hosted on Github)

Technical Note

Data, Clock (IODC) Value Selection Process and IS-GPS-200H Compliance StatementNew 2018 01 23
313 KB