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Product resources

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u-blox Package Information Guide 2017 12 12
3.01 MB
Short Range Modules Line Card 2017 10 18
201 KB

Product Summary

OBS421 Product Summary 2017 05 04
247 KB

Data Sheet

Electrical Mechanical Data Sheet for OBS421 2016 11 04
2.74 MB
Electrical Addendum Data Sheet for OBP421
483 KB

Interface Manual

Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter AT Commands GATT for OBS421
48 KB
Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter AT Commands for OBS421, OBS418, OBS419 and OLS425
320 KB

Application Note

OBS418, OBS419, OBS421 series Solder down instructions 2017 02 09
1.01 MB
Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter Security Application Note for OBS418, OBS419, and OBS421
93 KB
OBS421 as a GATT Bluetooth Classic to Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway
122 KB
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) GATT Examples with OBS421 & OLP425
69 KB

White Paper

Use case possibilities with Bluetooth low energy in IoT applications
637 KB
Short range low power wireless devices and Internet of Things (IoT)
688 KB

Information Note

Completed RED certification for Short Range Radio products 2017 06 16
196 KB
Label modification to comply with RED requirements 2017 05 30
123 KB
Updated ETSI regulations certifications 2016 11 30
162 KB
IN: OBS421-01B
116 KB
IN: OBS421i-24, OBS421x-24
113 KB
IN: OBS421i-i4, OBS421x-i4
113 KB

Conformity Declaration

OBS421 Declaration of Conformity (RED) 2017 06 06
97 KB


Setup Toolbox (cB-2138-20) zip
509 KB

Firmware Update

cB-2254-12, FW_v5.3.2 for OBS421
267 KB

Getting Started

Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter Getting Started for OBS418, OBS419, and OBS421
410 KB
Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter Toolbox Getting Started for OBS418, OBS419, and OBS421
458 KB
OBS421 & OLS425 Bluetooth Low Energy SPA Getting Started
294 KB