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14 May 2009

ZTE selects u-blox precision timing solution for 3G mobile base stations

Press Release

The solution, based on the u-blox LEA-4T and LEA-5T GPS modules, allows cellular base stations to achieve precision time-of-day to an accuracy of 15 billionths of a second. The u-blox solution is used in base stations for China’s newly established   TD-SCDMA (Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access) 3G standard, which is currently being rolled-out across the People’s Republic of China. The 3G standard was recently adopted by China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile service provider.


"Wireless third-generation networks require strict synchronization of data streams to ensure reliable signal handoff between base stations, and to facilitate accurate accounting for 3G services such as streaming video, MMS, and high-speed Internet. We are proud that u-blox' precision timing solution was chosen to support these exciting new services in China," said Adrian Tan General Manager Asia, u-blox.


The u-blox solution was selected based on its “SuperSense” and proprietary noise-suppression technology allowing base stations to be placed in locations where satellite signals are very weak such as dense urban areas and inside buildings. The cost-effective solution is able to rapidly locate and lock-on to weak GPS signals to provide precision time even when only 1 satellite is visible.