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Press releases

15 September 2009

u‑blox supports location-aware applications running on Windows 7

Software developers can now seamlessly access u‑blox GPS technology using the newly introduced Sensor and Location Platform for Windows 7.

Thalwil, Switzerland, September 15, 2009 – u‑blox, a leading provider of embedded GPS receiver semiconductors and solutions, is announcing its support of Microsoft Corp.’s initiative to make development of location-aware applications on Windows 7 hassle-free.


Through the release of u‑blox’ driver supporting Microsoft’s Sensor and Location API, software developers now have a standardized interface to the entire line of u‑blox GPS chips and modules. The Sensor and Location platform for Windows 7 provides a simple way to access data from a wide range of external sensors.


Location-aware Windows 7 based products implementing the Sensor and Location platform are expected in October 2009.


“We are very pleased that u‑blox has added support for Windows 7 to their hardware solutions, making them available to an exciting and diverse range of location-aware services using the Sensor and Location platform,” said Rob Copeland, General Manager at Microsoft. “The potential for business, shopping, tourism and entertainment, as well as for new social networking applications, is enormous.”


“We are delighted to support Microsoft to give third party software developers a head start in developing the next generation of location-aware products. With our new driver software we empower the adoption of location-aware applications based on u‑blox’ industry-leading GPS receivers together with the Sensor and Location platform for Windows 7,” said Michael Ammann, Vice President Embedded Software of u‑blox.


Interested parties are invited to download the driver, which has earned the logo for Windows 7, and user documentation via the u‑blox website. More information can be found at Microsoft’s Sensor and Location Platform website: