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Press releases

10 February 2009

u‑blox launches GPS cards for mobile computers

The PCI Express Mini cards PCI-5S and PCM-5S empower next-generation mobile computers with GPS and location-based services

“With the explosive potential of next-generation GPS applications and services for mobile PCs, it is the right time to introduce a robust PCI Express mini card supporting location-based services. u‑blox delivers the market’s highest GPS tracking sensitivity for a satisfying and seamless consumer experience,” said Thomas Nigg, Vice President Product Marketing at u‑blox.


Sales of mobile PCs with integrated GPS are projected to grow from 3 million units in 2007 to 45 million units in 2011.


The PCI Express Mini Card is based on the industry-leading u‑blox 5 positioning engine delivering the world's fastest Time to First Fix (<1 sec). Requiring only an external antenna, the card comes in two sizes - PCI-Express Mini Card (PCI-5S) and PCI-Express Half Mini Card (PCM-5S) - to accommodate OEMs diverse needs. The cards implement u‑blox' unmatched SuperSense technology, which can track extremely weak GPS signals to -160 dBm as well as the Kick Start feature for a fast Time-to-first-Fix at weak signals. This allows seamless navigation in dense urban environments, even when using low-cost antennas.


Thanks to u‑blox’ proprietary anti-jamming algorithms, the products are highly immune to noise generated by the PC bus, mobile phones and local electronic devices. The drivers support Windows XP and Windows Vista. A driver for the upcoming Windows 7 is in preparation.


The PCI-5S and PCM-5S are in mass production. Please contact u‑blox sales at [email protected] or visit  u‑blox' booth at Mobile World Congress, February 16-19, Barcelona, Spain, at Booth 1A15 for details.